Bring new lifestyles of health and sustainability through virtual reality.

LOHAS is a way of lifestyle that promotes a healthy way of living and appreciation of nature.

Imaging while you are at home or anyplace but you are in a big green grass lawn in the midst of high mountains, or seaside with crashing water, or a tropical island with beautiful sun, or a desert panorama, or an unspoiled of Nordic forest, or even in a heavenly garden is no longer a science-fiction.

What if you can simply hang there with your friends really enjoying relaxation or exercising, yoga,  walking, biking, dancing in natural spatial sounds of wind, water, birds, tree movement. Isn't it a dream?

MagicLOHAS makes it possible to make science-fiction and your dream come true. You can empower yourself with activities like real friends with you with 3D real-time interactive  very immersive experience with anyone at anytime in anyplace.



MagicLOHAS is for everybody, children, teenagers, adults and aging people.

Our experts design some games for rehabilitation to trick patients they don't even know they are doing boring or painful rehabilitation. They feel it's fun and they want to do it more. Which is very helpful to sustaining the rehabilitation process. Gaming and fitness: never so close, but in MagicLOHAS, not anymore. 

Children can have fun in MagicLOHAS, to reduce anxiety and improve learning disorders. Teenagers can easily practice mental wellness, dancing, exercising, and more with their friends and professional trainers.

Research shows record rates of issues like depression, anxiety, and loneliness. There are many causes for this, but research has found that the main contributors include a divisive political and social climate, financial concerns and social media. This, in part, may explain their love for pursuits like yoga and meditation, and their holistic approach to health - mental wellbeing being considered as important as physical wellbeing.

Through MagicLOHAS, with professional experts to help training, physical and cognitive rehabilitation and real-time guide for all users if they need.


Social, portable, easy to use.

With the current busy pace of modern lives, it is considered a luxury to be able to take a break, even more so if we are to travel somewhere outside of the everyday bustle. With MagicLOHAS, anyone can choose to take a break from real-life burdens, and disappear someplace relaxing for 5 minutes.
Pairing with XRSPACE standalone device with additional hands & feet trackers, experiences can be easily deployed indoors without additional setup effort. Users are equipped with the superpower of defying the limits and space and time, all can be setup in a matter of minutes, without the trouble of actually traveling there.
The human brain is a powerful thing, and immersion is a way we can unlock its powers. With MagicLOHAS rehab support applications, user may seek to awaken underlying capabilities of the brain in healing and reorganizing synaptic connections.
Leveraging cutting-edge virtual reality technology, MagicLOHAS provides programs that are portable, easy to deploy, and with strengthened focus benefitting from VR immersion.

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